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Acne Relief System

About Teenage Acne

About Acne Relief For Teenagers

Hello and welcome to Acne Relief System – finding relief for teenage acne.

Like most of you who have reached this page, I was searching for a solution to the nagging question about acne relief – how to get rid of AND also prevent acne?

Dealing With Teenage Spots and Pimples

What prompted me to start on the path searching for good, easy skincare for teens was the transition of my daughter from a little girl into a spotty teenager. Well before I was ready for this transformation I might add!

My daughter started on the path of puberty at an early age – well before her peers – at the age of 9. Needless to say, we were horrified at the thought. At the age of 10, a few spots appeared but nothing to talk about really.

Within a few months, the onslaught started. Red spots, blackheads and pimples with heads – right across her forehead and blackheads on her chin. The classic T-section.

Teenage acne had arrived!!

Dealing With Teenage Acne

Now – try and explain to a child that thinks to brush her teeth twice a day is an ordeal – that she now has to add to her routine a special face wash too!! AND add to that fact that she is not keen on water on her face – as witnessed in her swimming lessons trying to encourage her to put her face INTO the water!

Not a happy customer!

So .. I started looking around for a solution that would suit her better.

My Solution To Teenage Acne

In my search for a good teen acne treatment, I came across Acnezine by Revitol.

Revitol AcnezineIt is a well-known brand that has a whole range of other facial and beauty products – so you would assume that they are reliable and a good quality product.

This product caught my eye as it is a 2 system treatment.

In general, everyone knows that what you put into your body – reflects on the outside. Bad food = bad skin and unfortunately unwanted fat in certain strategic areas!

So when I saw that they also supply natural herbal capsules as part of the program I was immediately interested. Teens are in the second most important growth spurt in their lives. The first being the incredible speed at which they grow in the first few months of their lives.

Acne CreamTeens have a lot going on – they are growing in height as well as new things happening to their hormones. Radical changes are taking place in both boys and girls in their journey to adulthood. This is a seesaw in itself without the outward horror of spots, pimples, and blackheads marring their once perfect skin.

And it used cream instead of a face wash. Perfect.

Something to moisturize and nourish without a drop of water in sight.

So – all in all, it has been a success story and I think I have found my best skincare for teenage skin.

Using Teenage Acne Natural Remedies

I would encourage you to give this treatment system a try – it does work from the inside out and shows results.

Bear in mind – persistence is important! Keeping to the routine is essential and has the added benefit of teaching young adults a healthy routine that will stand them in good stead all their lives!

Here is an interesting article which I would encourage you to read regarding a daily skin care routine for teens. This will also give some insights about relief for teen acne and tips on skin maintenance for the oilier skin type and how to manage it.

Good Luck in your journey against teenage acne!

Revitol Acnezine Acne Relief

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Revitol Acnezine

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“It took me 3 weeks to see results but Acnezine worked …”

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